New Hamburg

EV Maintenance Schedule

ServiceCommon Op CodeLabour TimeMileage (km)Interval (months)Subsequent IntervalBG Part#Description
Vehicle Report Card maintenanceEV10.5N/A6Every 6 monthsVRC & required maintenance
VRC (QC2) and tire rotationEV20.910,0006Every 10k/6 monthsVRC & required maintenance
VRC (QC3), check brakes, inspect cabin filterEV31.420 – 30,00012Every 25k/12 monthsVRC & required maintenance
VRC (QC3), check brakes, flush brake fluidEV362.336Every 36 monthsVRC & required maintenance
Brake Service24C,241.230,00018As RequiredDisassemble brakes – clean & lube
Wiper BladesWB030,00018Every 12 monthsOE Wiper Blades
Cabin Air Filter850.330,00024Every 30k/2 years
Alignment33, 311.450,00024As Required
Battery ServiceE610.450,00024Every 50k/2 years8800
Brake Fluid Service21C,21160,00036Every 60k/36 months84132MDot 5 Brake Fluid
Automatic Transmission Service – 2 Drive UnitsE70C, E70F0.5, 1.0100,00060Every 100k/5 yearsDrain and refill drive units
Cooling System ServiceE82TBD160,00096Every 160k/5 years6830Cleaner, SuperCool, Sealer